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Storage charges are billed on a calendar month. We bill in 1/2 month minimums, so if your shipment arrives after the 15th of the month, you will be charges for 1/2 month for the arrival month. If it leaves the warehouse after the 15th of the month, you will be charged for a full month. There is a 1 month minimum on storage.

For those people who need to delay delivery of their shipment, Mississippi Van Lines offers containerized storage. Your goods will be unloaded from our truck and put into large wooden containers inside of our building. The provides you with much better security than Mini-Storage facilities and allows us to continue your valuation coverage, since we retain controls of your shipment.

When your shipment is unloaded at the warehouse, your furniture is wrapped in padded paper and placed in those large wooden containers. Each crate is sealed, marked with your name and shipment ID and then stacked in our warehouse. There is a warehouse handling fee for this service. The warehouse handling fee covers your shipment both when it comes into the warehouse and when it is handled out.

Storage Rates

Warehouse Handling $3.00/100 pounds $40.00 minimum

Storage $3.00/100 pounds per month $40.00 minimum

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